10 awesome sex tips for guys - written by girls.

So I was trying to think of things to do today for TMI Tuesday when my friend popped up on chat saying about things she wished her boyfriend did during sex. INSPIRATION MUCH. So we started putting together a list, based on our experiences and the experiences of our friends. If anyone has anything to add to this, reblog it and add it on the end! :)

1. Making noise is sexy. We’re not saying scream YAHOO anytime anything feels good, but for godsake don’t be shy to moan etc. No girl will reach her mindblowing potential if you’re totally silent, all it’ll do it make her panic and freak out that she’s doing it wrong/that you hate it/that you’re thinking how tubby her stomach is etc. Make some noise boys!

2. When it comes to going down on her, we have two things. The first one is there’s a 99.999999% she’s scared shitless that you find it disgusting. If you do, then don’t do it and save her the embarrassment of REALISING that you hate it. If you don’t hate it, make an effort to show that you’re enjoying it, and she’s gonna love it so much more.

3. The second one about going down is don’t fuck her with your tongue nonstop. That’s what your dick’s for. Use your tongue to explore the finer parts of her body in a more gentle way. You can be so much more delicate and precise with your tongue, why waste that? :)


5. Every now and then, instead of doing your standard foreplay then sex, wait. Drag it out. Spend as long as you possibly can, (hours!) exploring each other’s bodies before you even go into pants territory. You can both find so many sensitive areas of your body that you didn’t even think of, and by the time you let yourself have sex, you’ll both be so much more into it and excited about it. Just doing it every now and then and relearning how each other’s bodies work will make your general sex so much better.

6. Tell us when you’re gonna come, if you can. Just to save those awkward ‘has he, hasn’t he’ moments (pretty much every girl we asked said this aha!)

7. Tell us what position you wanna move to. We’ve all had those moments where neither of us quite know what the other is trying to move into and that’s just confusing! (again, a lot of girls said this)

8. Girls, being fickle creatures, are not likely to tell you whether they want it rough or gentle at a particular time. A lot of girls simply won’t have the balls just to come out with “FUCK ME HARDER”, as much of a pain in the ass as we’re sure that is. You have to try and judge by the mood, boys. If she starts kissing you harder during foreplay, pushing herself onto etc, she wants roughhhhhh! If it feels like she’s starting to kiss you slower, moaning softer etc, chances are she’s not in the mood for crazy shit. If you’re realllly not sure, ask. That shouldn’t go amiss :D

9. Confident girls are better in bed. Simple. Try and make her feel sexy. Let her take control for a bit if she wants to, then take over from her, like you can’t stop yourself. It’ll make her feel sexy (and perform better) if she feels like you can’t resist her. FACT.

10. Have fun!! Don’t panic, don’t freak out, don’t over think what you do. Let yourself go! :D

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    10 awesome sex tips for guys - written by girls. So I was trying to think of things to do today for TMI Tuesday when my...
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